Divided - Korean War Historical Fiction

Divided - Korean War Historical Fiction

Jaden Jimenez



His eyes had glazed over, I saw them fill with tears as he suffered with pain and gasped for air. His body had froze as I tore the blade from his chest, his rusted gun dropped to the floor as his body gave way to the cold death that patiently awaited him. He just stood there, letting the chilled air that had filled the small room through an open window make its way into his dying body. It seemed as though he wanted to say something, his mouth was hung open but no words or breath appeared out of it. I couldn't say or do anything as I watched this happen, I just continued to see his short life come to an abrupt end. His legs then crooked with the full weight of his body pushing down on them. With a sudden motion he quickly collapsed to the cold ground, the wooden floor echoed a thump as he landed. His dark sharply red blood flowed from the knife wound in his chest, the porous floor took hold of the crimson fluid filling every crack with red. There was no noise, the fighting had ended outside leaving the room with a lonely distaste. I was simply speechless, I couldn't understand what had happened. I was almost instantly taken over with hatred and pain. I didn't know, I really didn't know.

*3 Days Earlier* Winter was always so bitter, the lusciously green hills and mountains were muffled by the white of dry snow. The once thick humid air was thin and chilled almost burning your exposed skin leaving it a soft pink. However, we were able to keep warm, poorly stitched shirts and pants that were filled with cheap wool were given to us by the Russians. I guess we should be glad someone is taking care of us. After the second World War we weren't left with much, after being occupied for so long we were left a hollow shell of a society when our oppressors left. We may now have a chance to rebuild our country, yet its still nothing without the other half. I dont understand why the americans dont let us reunite? Our countries should be one, more than ever now in such a fragile state of rebuilding. Families, friends, culture, all of these things were lost because of this separation. Our leader keeps telling us it will be alright though, he says we will soon recover the lost society, he says we will soon be able to reunite with our loved ones and be able to become the strong country we were meant for. I hope its true.

“Grab everything and move up to the line!” We were being told to move up to the parallel, why? Maybe the south attacked? But why wouldnt my commander tell me? God, so many of us were moving up together, there must have been thousands.

“Do you know why were moving up?” I exclaimed under the roar of the soldiers around me.

“You dont know? Were going to bring our country together.”

*Hours earlier* Seoul, I never thought id see it, especially as it burned into ruin. I haven't killed anyone yet and i'll be damned if I hoped to. How could you bring yourself to do that? These were my friends, these were my family. Our country and our people were one, we loved one another and this bullshit that were selling about how this will bring our countries together is cruel. It won't, it cant, not from so much suffering.

“Clear all the houses!” I had been clearing houses all day, i'm glad I haven't seen anyone yet. I like to think they were able to get out on time, away from this madness. I had been moving from home to home seeing disheveled homes with burned rooms and broken windows. This city used to be beautiful, so ive been told. As hard as I try I can't imagine that. theres just too much damage. Each house felt so empty, not because they were but because the families that left them took the culture, the happiness and joy with them. The dark walls of each home brought sadness as I looked through them.

    The next home I moved up to was less damaged than the others, seemed almost spared from the fire that was pouring across the city. Its top floor window creaked and rocked against the house as cool air moved through it. The cold brass of the doorknob stung at my hand as I turned open the white wooden door. “Is anyone here?” My voice echoed through the lonely halls, I stood in the doorway anticipating an answer to come, it never does fortunately. We were told that there was resistance in the city, South Korean soldiers that were armed by the Americans. I haven't seen any yet though, I seem to just be missing the bulk of the attack. I heard fighting all around though there was distant explosions along with sharp gunshots flying in and out of the city. As I stood in the doorway I continued to hear the window rock against the home. After waiting sometime I slowly stepped into the home, It was just as cold as outside. With my knife in hand I walked through the home looking at all the broken furniture and broken glass. “Hello?” I continued to move through, swiftly now. As I approached the stairs I was met with a moving shadow at the top. The curtains from the upstairs room swayed as the air slipped in through the open window. Step after step it creaked. The upstairs room was almost wet with snow, the window had been left open for sometime.

I stared out of the window seeing our forces moving more into the city, although this isn't how I wanted it maybe this is just how it has to be.

“Kyung?” The voiced bellowed from behind me, the sudden reaction that I wasnt alone made me quickly turn to the man. I very quickly noticed the South Korean uniform and without doubt or hesitation I took the chance to thrust my knife at the enemy. It cut easily through his clothing and quickly stuck deep into his chest. A small gasp came out of his throat as he stared at my eyes. It took so long to realize but when I did I froze.