Processing Physics


This was a pretty fun and short project to make, that was pretty easy overall. If this were a bigger assignment I woud have made the character move, but this was simply to give us the basic skills needed for the future.

Mini Project Apple Tree

Gizzly Ber

This took me 3 days of class time and some minimal tweaking at home.  My struggles were to get the ball bounce and fall at a steady speed.  I could make this better by making a loop and having another tree from the apple.

click and key ball

Andrew Maya

this is my click and key object

No Playing in the House

Oscar Perez

This my take on 90's post modern irony.


For the mini-project challenge I created a hotdog that will fall to the floor and explode into many pieces that will fly everywhere. This project took me about a week to complete. It was very difficult for me to have the hotdog explode into many different pieces as well as having them fly in different directions. What I could add to the program is have the hotdog be squished at the beginning depending n the mouse being clicked. What I was also thinking was having a row of people with their hotdogs falling to the ground.

Character person thingie.

Samantha Harmer

My project changes the background color to random when the mouse is pressed. The squares also change colors when a key on the keyboard is pressed. It took me like a week and a half to create this project, becasue i knew very little about processing. I struggled alot with the if else statements. 

Click -N- Key

Zachary Geier

This is my Click-N-Key Character that I made! This particular code took me about 2 days, I think I could have made it better by adding a body or maybe whiskers or something to make it looks better. The main stuggle I had while making this was knowing what to do, we did this project while we were still learning how to code so I didn't know even the basic commands.

Mini project

Andrew Maya

This is the mini project is a code that me and Isaiah and it toook about a week to code because wo colud not find a gravity code for the arrow to move.

To move the frames it is  the key is 1,2,3

and to shoot the bow it is f

and reload is r


Andrew Duberek

This mini project took me about one or two day to finish. The struggles I had was that I couldn't figure out how to work the mousePressed and KeyPressed. I think I can add more detail to the drawing.


commands are the spacebar and right click.

Mini project goal

Fernando Rivera

This project took me 3 days to make.It took me this long because I did not know how to make the random colors at the time.