Processing Physics

Kazuha's Click n' Key Character

Kazuha Okamoto

The Click n' Key character took me a few days to compelete, it was difficult trying to make the program do soemthing without the knowledge of how to do it. Luckily, the internet was very helpful in completing this task. A lot of the problems I was having, I looked on the website or, just Googled. 

There are some flaws. The eye's look a bit glitchy so I could've taken the time to make it look nice and both of the faces show up at the same time often. 

Happy Mouse

Mr. E Xample

Write a brief description of your project, including: how long it took you, what your struggles were, and what you could add to make it better.

Crystal's Click n’ Key Character

Crystal Gabriela Pulido

The project took a while for me to accomplish it. To begin with I didn't know much about Processing, so it was very hard for me to understand. I looked up videos online to help me understand the different subjects of Proceesing in JavaScript. I started playing around in Processing at home to get a better understanding of it. I stuggled with making my character change different faces, it took me a while to get it to change the face expressions.  Click any keys to change the backgound color and click the mouse to make the face experssions change on the character.


My Click n' Key Character is an animated character that responds to  the mouse being clicked. My character is programed to look like a dog and when the mouse is clicked the tounge changes coklor and blinks at the same time. It took me 2 days to complete, but thats including work time at school and having to work o0n it at home. What I could add to make it better is adding a keypress that way the user could interact with it more.

Fehung's Dragon Head Clicker

Fehung Ly

This took me 3 days, the struggle was finding a random color code. I can add more shapes to make it look better from details.

Isaiah "mini project"

Isaiah Joy

This project took me a solid week because I was introduced to gravity as well as curves which took a couple of days to learn or use for that matter. to make this project better for one I could have added color and maybe i could have added another person to the mix of it.

Happy Poopy Bird

Mr. E Xample

Write a brief description of your project, including: how long it took you, what your struggles were, and what you could add to make it better.

Gun and Target

Jaden Rosenthal

My project is a gun shooting a projectile at a target that moves up and down. It took me about a week to do this project. Some struggles I had was that I couldnt figure out how to make the bullet stop if it hits the target. If I had to make it better, I would want to make the bullet stop after about 800 pixels, instead of just going on forever.

Vomiting simulator

Anders Ortlieb

This is a vomiting simulator. Hold down the mouse to puke. If you hold the mouse down too long, you die. I had some diffuculty making the vomit bounce of the ground since I didn't write the particle system.


Ansoni Aguilar

It is a catapult that luanches a ball and the ball bounces around the screen. First time coding and this took me about a week still incomplete. Update coming soon.