Week Two(ish)

Lizzie Mooney

I apologize for being so off-schedule and posting this at a completely random date. Being sick totally threw me off track but I think I've definitely made up for lost time in the past week!

I finally figured out all the little ins and outs of etsy, (more complicated than I thought it would be for sure) and I've now got several listings up! Everyone, go buy a plant hanger here! I just got TEN spools of cotton rope in the mail today and I've been a busy bee, keep an eye out for more listings very soon!

I've also been volunteering down at St. Peter's Episcopal Church Thrift Store a couple days a week with a dear family friend. Sundays and Mondays the store is closed, so we bring in donations, price items, organize, that sort of thing. She usually let's me keep a book or two which is nice.

I'll be meeting with my grandmother again this coming Friday. We're planning on taking some nicer photos to put on etsy and looking into some more intracate crochet patters. Yippee.

I vow to get back on track with these journal entries now that I've made a full recovery, (thank God for Tamiflu.) Now, off to go tie some more knots!