Week Six

Lizzie Mooney

I finally sold something! Just in time! Someone bought the air plant hanger made with wood from my trip to Cuyamaca. It was really validating to finally make a sale because at this point I was certain I'd have nothing to show for all my hard work. Now I'm just excited to keep getting the word out and continue running the shop during the summer and into college to make some extra change. I've been working on more wall hangings this week and trying out some new, tricker techniques, and adding to my now massive macrame inventory. It's pretty cool to look around my room and see everything I've made and how I've progressed both technically and creatively. Trying to turn a hobby into a businees is a lot harder than I expected, even through etsy. Maybe I'll take a business class this upcoming fall. Now that I have at least one sale under my belt, I feel confident about continuing to grow and improve the shop in the future. 

Week Five

Lizzie Mooney

This week has been really productive. I built a lot of stock with the designs I already had and also came up with some new stuff that I'm really excited about. I've been a bit of a mad woman on social media, shamelessly self promoting and trying to build connections with other etsy designers. The shop got several more favorites and nearly doubled it's views since last week which is exciting. I put up a few more listings that I'm really excited about. (I'll include some photos.) On Thursday I took a little trip to Lake Cuyamaca. I found a few really beautiful branches that I incorperated into my designs. I also took a few pictures to promote the shop on instagram and on my etsy's "about me" page. I feel like I'm making all the right moves in terms of getting the word out, so I'm pretty dissapointed that people aren't buying anything. I'm determined to make a sale by the end of endersession. 

Week Four

Lizzie Mooney

I got back from San Francisco a few days ago and since then have mainly been building stock. I've got a couple designs that I really like and I think being able to be consistant in the execution of my patterns is really important. Instead of coming up with more designs I've been using the same patters but playing around with different materials. I found some jute in San Francisco that is really nice to work with. I've also spent a lot of time on one huge wall piece which has been tricky. I'm sort of just improvising and I've had to tie and untie a lot of knots. It's been interesting working on something that's more just for aesthetics than utility. It's proving to be a lot harder than I expected.

The shop has over 200 views and several "favorites" but still no sales. Getting the word out is definitely the hardest part. I've had several friends and family members express interest and I'm hoping to focus more on the marketing side of things in the remaining weeks in order to generate some sales. I paid a visit to the Cedros design district in Solana Beach and found a couple fun shops where I may be able to sell on consignment once my business is a little bit more developed. 


Week Three

Lizzie Mooney

I've got four listings up on etsy! Yippee! My grandma is helping me out on the business side of things because she's owned her own business and worked as an accountant and I'm terrible with numbers. Right now it's all about getting the word out and "marketing." I made an instagram for the shop (@shopknottyetsy) and the shop has a few favorites from other etsy members. No sales yet which is dissapointing, but I'm not giving up!

I designed a new pattern, (Mini hangers. Too darn cute. Buy one) that will be on the shop soon. I'm also working on a massive wall hanging piece that I'm super excited about! It's less about functionality and more just decorative but oh well. That will also be up on etsy shortly.

I'm leaving for San Francisco in aproximately nine hours so I'll be out of the knot-tying-game until Tuesday. The goal is to have sold something by the end of next week. I'll be abnoxioulsy self promoting til then.


Week Two(ish)

Lizzie Mooney

I apologize for being so off-schedule and posting this at a completely random date. Being sick totally threw me off track but I think I've definitely made up for lost time in the past week!

I finally figured out all the little ins and outs of etsy, (more complicated than I thought it would be for sure) and I've now got several listings up! Everyone, go buy a plant hanger here! I just got TEN spools of cotton rope in the mail today and I've been a busy bee, keep an eye out for more listings very soon!

I've also been volunteering down at St. Peter's Episcopal Church Thrift Store a couple days a week with a dear family friend. Sundays and Mondays the store is closed, so we bring in donations, price items, organize, that sort of thing. She usually let's me keep a book or two which is nice.

I'll be meeting with my grandmother again this coming Friday. We're planning on taking some nicer photos to put on etsy and looking into some more intracate crochet patters. Yippee.

I vow to get back on track with these journal entries now that I've made a full recovery, (thank God for Tamiflu.) Now, off to go tie some more knots!


Endersession Confirmation

Joshua Quiroz

I will be interning with Dr. Cinnamon Bloss at the Atkinson Hall in UCSD, I will be helping her out with her research on Teenagers and Privacy, I will also be creating my own mini project that me and Dr. Bloss are brainstorming for what the final product of the mini project should be.

3 Ideas for Endersession

Joshua Quiroz

1) My first idea would be interning with a CFO (Cheif Fiancial Officer) and learn what there buisness is.

2) If that doesn't go I'll see if I can intern with a manager of a shopping store to see what it's like to run or supervise a buisness

3) My last one would be to continue to work at my job so I can make extra money and find an internship around my work that I can go from there.

3 Ideas - Lizzie Mooney

Lizzie Mooney

1. Ideally, I want to start up my own etsy shop where I'd sell handmade goods (knit accessories, macrame plant hangers, etc.) This idea is most intriguing to me because it would allow me to travel up and down the coast and make things to sell while still managing my business online. I've also discussed the idea with my grandmother who sells handmade goods at craft fairs about partnering with me on the project. I'd love to keep a blog about the progress of my business and ultimately write an article on girls starting business which I would submit to the online magazine Rookie for possible publication!

2. Last year, I worked for a non profit organization called The Kafka Project that searches for the lost works of writer Franz Kafka. I am still in touch with the director of the organization and am welcome to come volunteer for her. I would help host events, mannage the website, archive research and assist with secratarial duties. 

3. I spoke to the director of Bayfront Charter Highschool about possibly coming in to work with freshman students on developing digital portfolios.