Week Four

Lizzie Mooney

I got back from San Francisco a few days ago and since then have mainly been building stock. I've got a couple designs that I really like and I think being able to be consistant in the execution of my patterns is really important. Instead of coming up with more designs I've been using the same patters but playing around with different materials. I found some jute in San Francisco that is really nice to work with. I've also spent a lot of time on one huge wall piece which has been tricky. I'm sort of just improvising and I've had to tie and untie a lot of knots. It's been interesting working on something that's more just for aesthetics than utility. It's proving to be a lot harder than I expected.

The shop has over 200 views and several "favorites" but still no sales. Getting the word out is definitely the hardest part. I've had several friends and family members express interest and I'm hoping to focus more on the marketing side of things in the remaining weeks in order to generate some sales. I paid a visit to the Cedros design district in Solana Beach and found a couple fun shops where I may be able to sell on consignment once my business is a little bit more developed.