Week Five

Lizzie Mooney

This week has been really productive. I built a lot of stock with the designs I already had and also came up with some new stuff that I'm really excited about. I've been a bit of a mad woman on social media, shamelessly self promoting and trying to build connections with other etsy designers. The shop got several more favorites and nearly doubled it's views since last week which is exciting. I put up a few more listings that I'm really excited about. (I'll include some photos.) On Thursday I took a little trip to Lake Cuyamaca. I found a few really beautiful branches that I incorperated into my designs. I also took a few pictures to promote the shop on instagram and on my etsy's "about me" page. I feel like I'm making all the right moves in terms of getting the word out, so I'm pretty dissapointed that people aren't buying anything. I'm determined to make a sale by the end of endersession.