Week Six

Lizzie Mooney

I finally sold something! Just in time! Someone bought the air plant hanger made with wood from my trip to Cuyamaca. It was really validating to finally make a sale because at this point I was certain I'd have nothing to show for all my hard work. Now I'm just excited to keep getting the word out and continue running the shop during the summer and into college to make some extra change. I've been working on more wall hangings this week and trying out some new, tricker techniques, and adding to my now massive macrame inventory. It's pretty cool to look around my room and see everything I've made and how I've progressed both technically and creatively. Trying to turn a hobby into a businees is a lot harder than I expected, even through etsy. Maybe I'll take a business class this upcoming fall. Now that I have at least one sale under my belt, I feel confident about continuing to grow and improve the shop in the future.